Welcome to Dr. Magdalena Arcia’s website.

Dr. Arcia is an M.D. and Psychotherapist, specializing in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Cross-Cultural Issues.

The starting point for those wishing to teach this discipline is having trained in psychotherapy, or as professionals with experience in mental health mood disorders. It is also essential to have psychological training or cognitive behavioral therapy.

Dr. Zindel Seagal, Dr. Mark Williams, and Dr. John Teasdale
MBCT Authors and creators of the program.



Mindfulness is the key that opens the door to self-understanding and allows us to pay attention to what is happening at each moment, becoming aware of our internal experiences (thoughts, emotions, and body sensations), as well as our external world (environment, people, and information). Practicing Mindfulness increases awareness of the present moment, enhances observation, reducing automatic or impulsive responses, thus lowering stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness helps to cultivate kindness and compassion towards ourselves and to others.

Developing Intercultural Awareness

Therapy about Developing Intercultural Awareness for people from all backgrounds residing in Spain.


Courses and Workshops

Mindfulness Based Stress / Anxiety Reduction Program

MINDFULNESS: STRESS AND ANXIETY REDUCTION PROGRAM Based on the scientific program from the University of Massachusetts, USA. A simple but yet highly effective method to live your life with higher conscious awareness, calmer and more plentiful in order to gain a better...

Mindfulness For Parents and Children

Mindfulness practice for Parents and their Children in a bilingual setting, Spanish and English. Children, from as young as 4 years old can learn and share meditations and enjoy doing creative activities among family members while developing a better and more...



Mindfulness: Let Go of Your Fears and Build a Balanced Life

Living a balanced life is one of the biggest challenges we face today, and everything seems to get worst when we are stressed... Can you apply this to yourself? When your time is taken up by too many demands, your stress goes up, and it is likely that your anxiety...