Based on the scientific program from the University of Massachusetts, USA.

A simple but yet highly effective method to live your life with higher conscious awareness, calmer and more plentiful in order to gain a better emotional well being. Mindfulness benefits include better concentration, higher self esteem, while our physical health improves significantly, becoming better emotionally balanced, reducing stress and anxiety as well as irritability in our daily lives.


Dates: January; 12, 19, 26
February; 2, 9, 16, 23
March; 2

Schedule: 19:00 hr to  21:30 hr.

Location: Los Remedios, Sevilla, España.

The 8 week course is made up of one, 2 hour and a half session per week.

In each session we will be learning basic concepts in Mindfulness.

–   Mild yoga exercises (“conscious movements”)

–  Guided Meditation Audios,

– After each session, you will receive through your email homework assignments for you to do between each session.

For each session, each participant will bring comfortable clothing and socks. A yoga mat will be lent to participants throughout the course.

We will also share a meal at a very special location outside Seville for our day retreat.

The number of participants is limited and reservations will be made once the fee has been made.

For fees and more information: www.magdalenaarcia.com,  mindfulness@magdalenaarcia.com, 691010796.

Thank you for your interest in Mindfulness!

Dra. Magdalena Arcia Prieto

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