Living a balanced life is one of the biggest challenges we face today, and everything seems to get worst when we are stressed… Can you apply this to yourself?
When your time is taken up by too many demands, your stress goes up, and it is likely that your anxiety gets worse. There are three basic things most young people need time for; job/school, sleep and socializing.
If you focus on work or pressures form school and getting a good nights sleep, there is little time for socializing, but if you focus on high achievement and socializing, you’re probably not getting enough sleep! If you focus on sleep and developing friendships, you’re probably neglecting your schoolwork or job responsibilities. So what about other activities like family time and sports? Plus any other concerns you may have like eating right, or your own hobbies? You’re probably stressing out thinking you’ve missed out on some other activity and are spreading yourself out too thin! Your anxiety WILL get worse and will have to face all the consequences that this can have on your health!

Mindfulness is a discipline that teaches us how to become more balanced, calming our minds so that we can make better and more conscientious decisions in our lives.

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