What if you could acquire new skills so that you could develop a radical new way of seeing life?

The objective of learning the practice of Mindfulness is to provide the necessary tools which you can gradually incorporate naturally into your everyday life, helping you to know yourself better, to live a fuller life, increase creativity and concentration, and live life with a more attentive attitude to your present life, moment by moment.

This Intensive 4 week course will help you develop those skills so that you may cope with and reduce daily stress and anxiety in a more conscientious way. You will also learn how to respond more wisely and compassionately to yourself, other people, events, and those experiences that affect your daily life.

Who teaches this MBSR course?

Dr. Magdalena Arcia is an American, bilingual English-Spanish Medical Doctor and Psychotherapist.

Course schedule:

We will meet for this 20 hour course for approximately 3 hours and a half long sessions each, with a retreat to be held on the last Saturday, in a rural setting. The total cost of the program includes all reading materials, yoga mats, cushions and guided meditation audios to practice at home, as well as the meal that will be sharing at our retreat on Saturday.


  • 300€ can be paid in two parts.


  • Saturdays


  • Saturday mornings from 10:00 to 13:30. Retreat, 10:00 to 17:30.


  • C/ Pedro Pérez Fernández 7, 5º, C. 41011 Sevilla, España.


Dr. Magdalena Arcia